Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Naam Ramayan

I have been listening to this piece of ‘naam ramayan’ for quite sometime now. It makes me, umm, simply happy. But I actually read about it today.
Quoting it: Nama Ramayanam is the condensed version of epic Ramayana written by sage Valmiki in Sanskrit. Nama Ramayanam consists of 108 Shlokas and similar to complete Ramayana. Wow. One epic that gave rise to a whole world of literature and art.

I know I have fallen in love once again with Ramayan. It happens to me often. Something personal but yes, I often fall for it again and again. And that’s why I know how love is a lasting feeling. Of all the books I have ever read or going to read, this is going to be my all time favorite. Nothing, no modern world arguments shake it. The feeling is stable since childhood, even though I have come a long way, grown a lot, learned a lot. But it is this epic, that takes all my heart. Any song, poem, art, phrase that has its roots in it catches my attention. It is not religious, and there is nothing ritualistic about it. I simply know it is my true love as it has always set me on the path of love. For only love teaches you to love, no?

It has made me feel that love is not some passionate feeling, no it is not a strong pull, it is actually a light, a very tender feeling that needs no effort at all. It quietly comes and stay forever. Here is one rendition you can enjoy:

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