Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yoga, to my rescue always!

My Facebook feed was full of updates about yoga thanks to the International Yoga day. In these times when social media is so full of ugly and negative content, I feel it is a breath of fresh air to see people coming together in sharing their admiration for Yoga. I also believe in its power to achieve a healthy body and mind. To prove my point I will tell you my personal story.

Since last 3 years I am consciously and by choice on a professional break to enjoy the early years of my kids. I had a timid childhood while kids these days are so full of energy and are so lively that I am re-living my childhood through them. But being at home and available for them through out the day has its cons. And I am not talking about losing years of professional experience as that could be gained once you make your mind for it but if you don’t take out time for your body then losing physical stamina and strength can take away years from your active life. It happens to me if I act lazy at home for days which I do often with no office life. Just few days back I was having this on and off neck and back pain, that was driving me crazy. I tried to avoid looking down at my mobile phone (they are the main culprits for our sedentary lifestyles, I tell you) but that didn't help me much due to several other tasks that require me to bend. I was struggling with tasks like cutting veggies or changing nappies of my toddler. It affects our efficiency and moods if something is wrong with our body. I was doing some neck exercises but that was hardly having any effect as the pain was right from my slouched shoulders through my neck reaching down my spine. And since I have had two C-section operations, I could feel my sensitive back.

I  have always liked to have an active sporty body and I test it time and again by checking how easily I can do Surya Namaskar. But in my early 30s, my flexibility has started wearing off. With the recent pain, it dawned upon me that I need to take things in my hands. And so I started working on straightening my shoulders and fixing my back by doing some asanas that I learned during my graduation days in Banasthali. Girls from Banasthali Vidyapeeth can vouch that attending the early morning and evening Yoga sessions out in open and pure air has benefited us forever. Because of that I don't feel the need to go to any Gym. Personally, I find Gyms to be boring and suffocating even when they have all kind of peppy music and sophisticated machines. I feel comfortable doing Yoga as I can do it anywhere. To fix my recent pain, I started with very simple asanas listening to my body to open it slowly and not to stress it any further. As the pain slowly subsided, I started with Surya Namaskar as well.

These days as I am on my toes running after my kids, I do it in breaks through out the day. My back is much better. The Surya Namaskars are smoother and I can do it in the sets of 6 and increasing. And yes, doing pranayams helps me to meditate on my breathing that I would never do otherwise. I look forward to 3 times Omkaar as it brings me peace.

I have written this blog post on my personal Yoga habits because if you feel lazy to try Yoga, I just want to inspire you that you couldn't be lazier than me. I would often take advantage of my cozy little 2 year old and sometimes lie whole day along with her in bed. Only when my body rang the alarm bells and it started affecting my parenting, that I started doing this favor to myself.

So, I assure you if you are feeling low on energy, mood, tired of accumulating fat, or tension in any part of body or mind, even constipated then do little bit of Yoga every day because the only remedy for all such problems is Yoga. Remember,


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