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#DoYourHomework: Need for parents to plan for their child's Future

I remember when my husband and I decided to become parents. We thought a lot about it. Till my daughter came into our lives we were like carefree youngsters. We would not think about future much and often our plans were made randomly as said in IT term: on runtime. We would suddenly decide to have dinner at a posh restaurant or would watch back to back movies or shop like shopoholics.
Nothing was planned. Until we decided to become parents. I still remember the day when I realized that my husband is also ready to take the responsibility of a delicate life as a father. That whole day I couldn't focus on my work in my office. I realized that day how much our focus should now be on our future. Becoming parents is full of exhilarating joy. Suddenly you have this sense of responsibility that requires 100% commitment. And unlike marriage the participants here are not equal. As the new life in the form of a little one is fully dependent on you and needs your constant care, attention and love.

We decided that we no more can be careless and should plan our life keeping in view the third member we want to welcome. And so our future planning started much before the birth day of my daughter. As she has revolved around the sun for 3 years, I can sense there is still lot to plan about. The first three years of a child's life just slips like sand from your hands. By the time you take in all the nuances of infancy, toddler-hood is there. By the time you could keep up with the bungee-jumping-kind-of-experience of toddler-hood, your kid is soon a school going person all set to get his mind trained for a healthy social life. And you think whoa, I need to focus on giving my kid exposure to all kind of activities that can rouse his interests.

I am in that stage now!

Until recently, I was being a carefree Mom just concerned about my girl's nourishment, and right development. But now, when I can see how quickly she is grasping things around her, I now have to plan to give her the right kind of exposure so that she can find out what interests her so that she can decide her life's calling. These days there is no dearth of career options. From Sports to academics to creative fields, there are lot of unconventional activities for students today that can be turned into a right career if there is right amount of passion and hard work involved. As a parent, I know its my homework to lay out all those options in front of her by getting involved with her and then fully support her choice. But as children emulate their parents, I understand that I have to keep my creative and sporty side green in my lifestyle so that she can relate. Academics, well that can still be taken of by selecting a good school. But extra curricular stuff, can not solely be taken care of by a school. Parents need to be involved with kids. I really admire Saina Nehwal's parents who were involved in helping their daughter in cultivating her passion for playing badminton right from the start!

With this I can help my daughter to find a direction in life. But will that be enough? I mean, this take care of the emotional stuff, but what about financial planning? I felt enlightened when I came across this video distributed on youtube about an experiment conducted with a group of parents and children whose underlying message is : Children today have innumerable career options. Whatever they choose to become, you (parents) need to be prepared. Have a look here.

I explored further and found that the Do Your Homework campaign by Axis MF is trying to spread this awareness among parents. The campaign aims at educating parents for the need to prepare themselves financially as well as emotionally to support their children's choices. There is a need that the parents and their wards be on the same page when it comes to the children's aspirations. The campaign has various aspects to reach out to as many parents as possible.

They have this platform that enlists the Why, the How & the What for parents’ reference. It also has some modules which enables parents to find out education costs for various careers across various countries both in the current and in the future, and also suggests the ideal amount one should invest in order to meet the future requirements. Isn't that very important information for us? Moreover, to inspire the children to explore the various careers, different books are curated having interesting short stories on various professions, whereby the kids can do coloring or solve crossword puzzles on various professions. As part of the campaign parents were initiated into a painting experiment, shown the education calculator and informed about planning to be future-ready at Crossword Bookstores in 17 outlets across 7 cities & at Kidzania(Mumbai).

Do Your Homework campaign at Kidzania(Mumbai)

There is also a Homework App through which parents can find out the costs of education across a multitude of courses in various countries. The app not only gives info on the future value of the course which their children want to pursue, but also the estimated amount to invest to reach that goal.

I am sure like me, all parents will find this campaign very useful and informative and a great tool that can keep them updated to plan for their child's future. After all, passion doesn't need money but to fulfill one's dream, well, we have to accept it's a competitive world. To get into right atmosphere needs right investment. If tomorrow I see my daughter has a passion for a sport, I need to ensure she gets a world class training, or if she has a penchant for art than she get into a reputed creative art academy, may be in a foreign land where she can mingle with like-minded people, or if she's is good academically she get into a good University. And for that I need to be prepared for high fees. Every bird needs an open sky to spread it's wing and fly. Every artist needs a perfect canvas to paint his imagination. I want to provide my daughter with that perfect canvas! And for that of course, savings is not enough, I need to invest my money now in right place so that it can grow and help me to in deciding what's best for her. So do you.

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