Thursday, March 17, 2016

A memento of Love

How much do you attach yourself to materialistic things? Like, you know, the tangible stuffs - that can be destroyed in front of your very own eyes. I am conditioning myself from a long time not to get overwhelmed with such stuffs because then you start losing values for things that actually matter in life. Like your feelings and behavior towards real people.
I remember an old aunt of mine who was so much attached to all the things she had accumulated in her house during her youth and family days that when she grew old, she would be bitter to anybody who dared to even touch any of those items. No wonder her place was all full of old and broken stuffs and her heart more lonely as everybody would prefer to keep a distance from her. I have taken some lessons from her and decided from early on, that I would not give that much importance to such things in my life but only people and the feeling of compassion towards them.

Yet, ever since I got into this relationship with Piyush, certain things have still made their way to my heart. And now that we have shifted to our new house, and I am busy making a home out of it, more and more things are getting added to that list, all thanks to the creative ideas I am getting for doing our home decor. One such piece which is from the early days of our courtship is this:

I promise to be there for you always and forever.

This figurine was a gift by Piyush's friend from US on our wedding, and when I took it out from its neatly packed box, I fell instantly in love with it. It's called 'Promise' and is one of the many beautiful items by artist Susan Lordi of Willowtree. The beautiful artifact has rustic faceless couple but the gestures of hands and the tilting of heads says so much about the feelings that exists between a couple in true love. This thing, I would say, is one of the many reasons that Piyush and I fell in deep love with each other even though our marriage was arranged by our parents. 

The story that followed goes like this. One day in a fit of rage (yeah, I do have temperament issues!) I was flying my hands all around and I hit it unknowingly and to my horror, the delicate item fell to the ground broken to pieces. All my anger flew in flash of seconds and guilt ridden, I cried like anything. Though, Piyush gave this a pass, I couldn't contain my sorrow over the Promise being broken and moved heavens and hell to arrange for the delivery of its replacement, the product only available in US stores that time. I gifted him this and from than on, our love for Susan Lordi's art pieces grew and since then we have accumulated many other figurines each marking some milestones in our life. Yeah, there is one with a baby too :)

Gifted on birth of our daughter

Collecting sweet memories of our life together

But why in 7 years of our marriage, I am talking about these sculptures today. Well, it so happened that after having a kid, I realized that I can no more display these beautiful work of art openly and stashed them somewhere inside my closet hidden from the naughty eyes of my bumbling bee. Only recently after shifting to our new house, and when I have a dedicated place where I can put them away from her reach, they are out. My heart swells every time I see them perched proudly and lovingly on the shelves adjacent to my dresser. My daughter doesn't even touch them, so they are safe and for full public display. Many of my friends have liked them, but mostly it elates Piyush who made it a point to gift a new piece each time we have a good news in our lives. So I am guessing these days, what is the next one? :) Susan Lordi, God bless you!

Do you also have something tangible but perfect, a memento that showcases your love or life-event and that you proudly display in your house? Do share with me the pics of any such thing. And yes, you all are invited to my new house that is still in the process of being decorated with materialistic desires but that's a lifetime process, no? ;)

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