Monday, January 4, 2016

A new year, a new place and a firm resolution

Happy New Year.. I know, I know, I am late in wishing everyone on my space but that's because I was wandering in my dream world all these days. Yes, literally. Lots of action going on that started last year. Before you wonder what - let me reveal. My new year was full of surprise packages. Yes, again literally.

So, we had moved in to our new house just a week before the new years eve and all the movement took more than 50 cartons of small, medium, important, less important, not-et-all-important stuff and hell lot of furniture. As I entered the house full of big brown boxes, I couldn't help feeling like Alice in wonderland. And the following days, whole family had one common task - to empty the boxes (many were not even labeled as the M&P people finally gave up due to scarcity of time!) and arrange the house. All this with a naughty, sometimes fussy, some little times cranky threenager bumbling like a bee every where. "Pihu, don't go to that room. It's danger", "Pihu why you are not wearing your footwear in this house full of dust?", "Hey, don't touch that", "Pihu, Mumma just tried to arrange that and you are ruining it" and the list of dos and don'ts went on for the little soul who tried her best to cooperate in her own sweet ways and enjoyed every bit of the movement to new house. "Mumma, we are no more at 818 (our old flat no.). But, this one is also good", was her innocent remark on the second day at the new address. After living like refugees in our own place for a week, spending new year's eve by ordering dinner from outside late at night and figuring out what to do for simple tasks like cooking, we finally managed to achieve the feat by yesterday. Finally, its looking like a place to live. Huff and puff. And I learned a simple lesson of life - change and movement are necessary for us to grow for they make us pause and reflect on what all we have accumulated in life. How much is worth to keep and what should be discarded to lighten our burden!

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So, for the year 2016. I am looking forward to it with lot of expectations. Have lot to do. I remember a time when being a service class family, I was tensed about finance and the inflation and the EMI's and discussed this with my husband. After all we are no more a DINK. Well, we have a kid (or are there two ;)? ) and I am no more working in IT! And my husband sweetly replied, "Roohi, leave finance to me and you just focus on converting this house into a beautiful home, for our sake." And I am just focusing on that. My resolution - to go as much plastic free as possible at home and also go green. I have started with my Kitchen. No more buying plastic containers and lets see how much I can keep up with the rest. I can see how I can contribute not only to my own household but also to the society at large by living the right and eco friendly way. (like reusing the waste water from RO in other household activities or growing my some of my own veggies!). After all the world is not just about earning money and running economy. Each person is responsible to the well-being of the mother earth in lot many ways. And I am trying to realize my that worth. So, again another reason to celebrate quitting my job. Yay!!

That's all from my end. How about you? What's new you are planning for this year? C'mon tell me. I am all ears :)

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