Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Pause button for a peaceful world!

It's been a while since I wrote anything for my Blog's theme - a soulful post. Reason - Many.
But the end result is I AM BLANK. Yes, that's how I am these days. Why? Because, I am confused looking at the changes I am going through. And I realize these are the changes every human being goes through.
At the prime of our age, we have this huge energy that makes us confident in thinking that we are unique, which of course we are, but it has this added flavor of arrogance that gives rise to 'I' - 'I am unique'. As age progresses and life's myriad experiences gives shape to maturity, it steadily dawns upon us that we are nothing! Given the vastness of the universe, the bigness of greater happenings, we are absolutely nothing!

The last few days I have been reading lot of news. I am literally yapping up the morning newspapers and refreshing the news websites every single hours. I know I know, I am wasting my time. That's how I was feeling like. Keeping chill and wasting time and believe me I am completely ok doing that because I am in a secret situation where I needed exactly that. Keeping chill and wasting time! So, to kill time I kept myself completely in sync with the current affairs. National-International- you name it and I know it. The Syrian crisis, the climate conference, the style of flamboyant Putin, the confusion and politics of Americans, the cacophony in Indian Parliament, a delayed, strange High court Judgement followed by the ecstasy of a Superstar's fans, the obsession of Indians with Bollywood particularly with Khans, and yes, man-made environmental disasters in the form of red alert levels of flood and pollution in Indian Metropolitan cities and the idiosyncrasies of Government and citizens surrounding it. Phew, and so many other not so significant articles and news pieces that I came across being a silent observer of social media. And I felt insignificant! Why only me? In the larger than life picture of this world, every regular, common man is insignificant. And why just the common man, it is imperative that all our leaders realize their minuteness in the infinite existence. They are nothing. Their personal propaganda that is leading to so much chaos stands for nothing in front of the enormity of the fight to survival.

It is but the significance of collective actions that matters. Like collectively we are breeding and adding to the ever-increasing population that is leading to so many crisis situations - climatic changes, pollution, widening rich-poor gap, greed, violence! Collectively we are fighting for our fake ego issues - religion, race, language, nation, boundaries. Collectively we give no f*** about our environment. Collectively we are just concerned about our own well-being kicking the butt of other's well being. In short, collectively we are being selfish believing how significant we are. All this is happening because in clusters we are forgetting what we actually need as an individual.

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For as an individual we only need a peaceful, happy and a loving life. But all that has become insignificant in the rushing madness of the world. The true worth of human life is being lost somewhere. If only there was a pause button for the whole world during which everybody would just stop reacting and simply contemplate. All of us contemplating together for a moment - not a single soul left out - just a moment all of us reflecting - what we actually need. May be then, we all would find ourselves and each other around us to be truly awake. May be then we all would just give up on our selfish fights and rise above to help and love each other. May be then we would realize that as an individual how significant are our actions in building a peaceful, compassionate world if we let go our selfish desires. Just a Pause button to hold the world for a moment, so that every body can be in the moment and cherish the gift called life! Till then, better not to read any news and lose mind :)

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