Saturday, November 7, 2015

Transform Your Home With Carpets

In recent years, carpets and rugs haven’t been a large part of home interior decor. These days we like to show off our floor finishes. The concept of ‘less is more’ has become more common.

However, nothing gives a warmer and more homely look than a well-placed carpet. With winter just around the corner, a carpet will definitely add a cosy feel to your rooms. Here are few carpet ideas to help brighten up your home.

Liven Up Your Living Space

Open flooring tends to give a room an empty feel and can even give the illusion of floating furniture. In this case, choose a carpet that complements your decor and use it to complete the look. Make sure you pick the right sized carpet though, as a tiny carpet in the middle of a large room would just look out of place. To ensure the rug is large enough, the front legs of your furniture should be able to rest comfortably on it.

The Key To A Snugger Bedroom 

Adding a warm-hued carpet to your bedroom decor will almost instantly make it look cosier. You can make a perimeter around your bed and lay down a solid coloured carpet. You can find and buy carpets online that are sure to go with your room’s theme. If you can’t find a big enough carpet, you can place similar slim rugs on either side of the bed or pick out a plush rug to place at the foot of the bed.

Theatrics In Your Dining Room

Place a carpet under your dining table and you can be sure you will receive some compliments on the beauty of the room. Find a carpet that matches your decor; you can use a colourful rug for a dramatic appearance or a patterned one to create a bold statement. Also, make sure the carpet is large enough so that your guests can comfortably push back their chairs without being afraid of them tipping over.

For A Kid And Pet-friendly Home

If you have hardwood flooring, you know how hard it is to maintain with kids and pets around. These kinds of floors tend to get damaged easily and the best way to combat that problem is with a few comfortable carpets and rugs. If you have laminate or tiled flooring, your kids and pets might have a hard time being themselves, as the floors can be slippery. It’s also harder for your pets to lie down on these floors. Place a couple of carpets around the house to create a lovely and cozy atmosphere and to make your home more comfortable for your babies.

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