Thursday, November 5, 2015

Only Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin

My experience with parenthood started well before Pihu was actually in my arms. It started as soon as I conceived her. Yes, all through the nine months of carrying her within me, I had demands to be met like those of a baby. I could eat only soft food, sleep with a soft cushion between my legs and under my full belly and could wear only smooth and soft textured clothes. As the little baby was delivered in my arms, I touched her cheeks and realized it was the softest touch I have ever come across in my life!  I wanted to keep her skin just like that. And hence, started her massage routine in a week with Olive oil. 20 minutes of massage and warm water bath and then wrapping her in soft cotton Saree for a beauty sleep. It worked well on her skin and as her body became accustomed to the new environment, her skin glowed into a smooth texture retaining the original softness.

But more than anything, the first thing that strikes everyone as soon as a baby arrive is the potty routine. While in hospital, as I was recovering from the C-section, her basic needs were taken care of by my mother and the hospital staff. Initially, they made her wear the cotton cloth nappies but soon it was clear that it would mean her soft skin would remain moist most of the times. Soon, the nurses got her a pack of diapers to keep her skin dry. As I recovered and took hold of her responsibility, I immediately realized those diapers were no good either. They were too harsh for my angel's velvety bums. I turned back to cotton nappies. But then it meant lack of sleep for both of us when in the middle of nights, she would wet the bed every now and then. It would be so uncomfortable for me and was turning her into a cranky baby. 

Thanks to my husband, who as per his experimenting habits bought a pack of different brands of diapers and convinced me to try all of them and select which one was the best. I was reluctant at first remembering my previous experience but soon gave in to his requests. Among all those, Pampers turned out to be a winner in flying colors. I especially liked their Pamper Active Baby for my daughter. Life became so easy suddenly. I even managed to join back my office without worrying about her potty issues. Pampers were convenient to use and my parents-in-laws found the diaper changing routine hassle-free. Instead, they could enjoy her playtime as she began to crawl and subsequently walk. The diapers were light weight and soft and would keep her dry and active. And this made all of us to focus on other important issues related to a baby. And that included surrounding her with all things safe and playful. As long as she was not moving, I would make her lie cozily in her special bedding. Her crib had a soft mattress, cushions and lots of soft toys. Sometimes, in sleep she would hold the green froggy or that pink cuddly bear and I would look at her in awe. Before she could start crawling, we arranged a comfy bedding on the floor and carpeted the surrounding area to give her ample space as she started experimenting with her limbs and movements. Though little falls and bumps help in making a stronger baby but still, our attention was to help her in not getting any major injury. 

Time flies and now she is 3. She walks, talks non-stop, dance, sing and is everything what a happy child means. I look back into the initial years and thank all our efforts and advance technology that helped us in keeping my daughter happy. Though, she is off the diapers now being potty trained, but a special thanks to Pampers is a must, without which the years would have been a hell lot of struggle. 

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This post is sponsored but my experience with Pampers are real for my daughter.

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