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5 ways to delight your wife this KarvaChauth

So, here again we have the festival when a woman professes her love for her man, KarwaChauth. (To know about Karwachauth read here.) And my phone is abuzz with hordes of messages -  congratulatory posts, advise posts on what women should eat in Sargi to help her with whole day of fasting, and even jokes like this one:

Which English movie name describe the festival of Karwachauth?
Fast and Furious
(1 day fast and 364 days furious)

lol, I have my share of laughs reading such messages though.

I believe this day is very sacred and can be taken as Hindu Valentine's Day if (condition applies) taken in right spirit. A woman professes her undying love for her husband by fasting for a whole day. (If you don't believe in such things, don't worry you can always skip it and eat your heart out, I am all in support for that too, after all, love is not about food and all about caring for each other.)

But, being a die hard romantic myself, I like to fast for my hubby. I really get excited about this day well in advance. And maybe its my happiness that keeps me going strong for the whole day. And still, I strongly believe husbands should not take this festival lightly if their wives are fasting and they too can (read should) display their affection to their lovely wives. No matter, how many rocks your marriage has hit, how many feathers you have added in the hat of years in the commitment, this relationship doesn't get old enough to express love and gratitude. This is the magic of togetherness called marriage, you are committed to your partner for your whole life - to rekindle the joy, the love, the passion whenever possible.

Hence, if you are that newly married guy nervously biting nails as your wife gets ready to keep her first fast or a 50 year old grandfather who has seen your wife going through this day swiftly year after year, don't take your role lightly. I repeat, DON'T TAKE YOUR ROLE DURING KARWACHAUTH LIGHTLY.  
So, here are the five ways (in reverse order) how you can win over your lady love on the auspicious day of Karwachauth:

5. Present her with Bouquet of fresh flowers:

Source: Google image
Especially, if you are the silent kind of husband. Believe me, those red roses can make every women cheeks turn red with happiness. And what other day to fill her day with fragrance than the one where she proclaims to have dedicated herself completely to you.

4. Surprise her with a beautifully packed gift:

Source here
It can be anything from an expensive diamond to a trendy watch. A sexy outfit or a colorful clutch, size doesn't matter, price doesn't matter, what matters is the shine in her eyes as her heart fills with joy in knowing that you took some time out to think about making her happy.

3. Cook for her:
Source: Google image

Well, well, well only if you have a knack for cooking else better to order her favorite dish from outside or much better would be to take her out for dinner after she's done with the rituals. A piece of friendly advice though, reserve a dining place which is near to your place of stay in advance. You don't want to keep a starving woman waiting for her food forever else she'll feed on you (Beware! This year Halloween is just the next day!) And if you love cooking, then whoa, unleash all your talent to prepare that yummy dish that can make her lick fingers (hers and it can be yours too ;))

2. Fast with her:

Source: Google image

If you think that's very DDLJish and old fashioned, then you are just fooling yourself. It's an evergreen idea. So what if it's not her first time, give her company this time and let it reveal slowly to her that you have not eaten for the whole day, as well. I bet your Simran will be head over heels in love with you all over again!

1. Give Time to her:

Source: Google images
Yes, Time - that you cannot buy and that you want the most. Give her your time on this day. Wake up in the morning before her, try to take a day off from office or come home early. Ignore your mobile, the laptop, and that other-woman-kind-of-presence in your home, your TV. If possible play your favorite cricket match and make it a point to switch it off before her in few minutes to show that it's her who catches all your attention. Talk with her, listen to her, relax and laugh with her. Boy, she'll dance to your tunes.

Yeah, that's pretty much of the story from my end. I have tried my best to help all you guys out there with insiders points. You can definitely add to this list. You see, it's not that complicated to delight a woman, it's just that she needs your 100% attention, concentration and imagination.

Ok, so let me go now and prepare for my fast and check if my husband is taking me seriously or else.... It's Halloween... heeheeehaahaaaahahaha

* * *

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