Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who is Richer?

Today we got a notification that we have water crisis in our area and so water rationing is the only solution. Already there is no tap water in our area and we manage to buy water from water tankers. We'll have water supply cut from 10 am to 5 pm. And this is when we stay in Sobha apartment which is one of the best apartment in Bangalore. Now what's the use of earning in lac and having good living standard when we don't have the amenities nature provides for free. Imagine the wife of a president of a multinational company can't use her well maintained washroom after 10 am. While her maid who lives near a lake have 24 hr of water supply. Who is richer?

And on top of that today is World Environment Day!

I wrote a poem in hindi instantly when I read that notice. Here are the lines I wrote:

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Chalo sab himalaya...
jharne ke paas ghar banayenge..
chulhe pe roti pakayenge aur mast thandi hawa khayenge...
na traffic ka rona na paani ki killat...
na pocket mein koi hole, arre na hi kisi pocket ki fikar..
roz hogi pihu ki nahai nahai..
vadiyon mein gunjegi uski kilkai...
kudrat ki god mein
hum sab jeevan bitayenge
chalo ab to chalo
jharne ke paas ghar banayenge..

isse kehte hain 'inspired by crisis...'

PS: This post was not intended for indiblogger indispire Rich theme. But as the post progressed it went to that direction. :)