Saturday, June 28, 2014

A long way to go...

Here are 2 versions of my free verse, I wrote for my
dear uncle on the occasion of his retirement. Living life-King size is his mantra of life and I feel these lines befit him well.

Good Luck Chacha, as you unveil a new chapter in your life!

जाना बहुत दूर है

अभी कहाँ मैंने  वो सारे चित्र उकेरे हैं  

अभी कहाँ मैंने वो सारे पत्थर तराशे हैं 

कुछ अनकहे गीत अभी मुझे गाने हैं 

कुछ पत्थरों में जान डालना बाकी है 

कुछ रंगों को अभी बिखेरना बाकी है 

कुछ शब्दों को नयी परिभाषा देना अभी बाकी है 

कुछ नयी यादें संजोना अभी बाकी है 

कुछ नए क्षितिज तलाशना अभी बाकी है 

जाना बहुत दूर है, ज़िन्दगी अभी जीना बाकी है...

A long way to go

I thought I had seen it all
Been there, done that
How naive was I, the journey has just begun
Still some more paintings to paint
Still some more stones to carve
Still some more verses to write
Still some more hearts to touch
How naive was I, the journey has just begun...
New chapter begins, new horizons to explore...
A long way to go...

(Ramblings of my Soulmate is a series of posts by Piyush Bhatnagar on SoulFul. Piyush who writes code for living aspires to contribute to making world a beautiful place along with his wife Roohi.)