Thursday, April 10, 2014


I wrote these lines some 7 years back, publishing it now...

I remember the face of a child

Who was not more than five

Standing near a snacks seller

His face dirty and eyes mild..

Clothes were torn

Walking bare feet

Crying as he had nothing to eat...

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When a woman threw some left over

Into the stinking bin it shone

He spared not a second

And picked and licked

But still looked unsatisfied

"Military expenditure over $1.46 trillion worldwide",

"Billions spent on erecting statues, skyscrapers - country’s pride"

The headlines in snack stained Newspaper cried.....!!!!


  1. :'( I can feel the hunger, thousands out there. Add new year celebrations, crackers, Throwing lavish parties for everything, When someone next to us die due to hunger! what life we live searching for comforts?

    Questions there in my mind too. Hopefully working to make some difference. Your words inspires and helped a lot to keep my faith alive that there are people to care about them still.

    God bless you.

    1. I visited your page and found it interesting.. Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by and putting a nice comment :)

  2. Oh! A painful memory.
    I feel it too.

    1. Thanks for reading my post Indrani and feeling it. This is no particular incident as it happens everyday in our world. Just wanted to express the pain I see and doing my bit by creating some awareness :)

  3. heart-touching post. :-) today our country is known as place of poor and hunger people among foreigners, god knows when will we come out of this and get back our old glory as 'the land of golden birds'.

    1. True Ashish.. Even I pray some miracle happen and we once again become a prosperous country.. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post and do share if you like :)


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