Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chronicles of an IT Momma- All in a days work

A day of an IT Momma- I am sitting in a meeting room listening intently to senior executives giving company insights. There is a reward n recognition ceremony also ahead. I realize that the meeting is extending beyond the scheduled hour so I might need to plan for my onsite call.

Suddenly, my mobile buzzes from a call from my home. Its a rare thing as nobody calls from my home during office hours so I excuse myself from the meeting to attend the important call.
"Hello, what happened? everything fine?", I ask in concern. "Yes, but where is the diaper cream?". Diaper cream,.. Diaper cream,..Diaper cream "It should be on the table.. No wait I think I left it on the bed in hurry.. No wait, wait.. it must be in Pihu's wardrobe.. in its drawer..yes yes .. sure in the drawer". I get relieved as indeed it was in the drawer.

I hung up and join back the meeting and cheer for my teammate who is getting a reward. We attend the onsite call and discuss the days work. - i'm lovin' it :)


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