Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Himalayan Hospitality

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The views expressed are my personal based on my first hand experiences.

This is a thank you post I am writing for a Product line- Himalaya Babycare and the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore.

In my routine life, I use several products for myself and my family. But after the birth of Pihu, my daughter, I have developed a strong liking for Himalaya. The fact that it is an Indian company with International standards makes me proud.

My love affair with Himalaya started when I had to travel with Pihu when she was just 40 days old. Being a new mother, I was anxious about the air travel especially concerned about her feeds, takeoff and landing. Pihu was asleep on the way to airport. But as soon I was through my security check she was awake. It was time to feed my newborn and her nappy change. I went towards the ladies room and noticed a baby sign board outside another room. A lady personnel was sitting there and gestured me to use the room. I went inside to find a cute baby room with Cribs, Sofas, washbasin and baby essentials. I was impressed and comfortable. There was a cabinet where various Himalaya merchandises are kept. 

I couldn't click any pictures myself and had to arrange these pics from a friend. But I promise I will post some really nice pics when I get there next time.  

The Bangalore Airport has such Baby room not only at departure but at the arrival as well. It is even more spacious. I have been at airports at some other cities as well where I missed such decent facility. I guess that is because Himalaya healthcare is based in Bangalore.
So every time I travel through Bangalore with Pihu, I am assured that I can refresh my baby without causing her any distress. It is definitely very clever branding but at the same time very helpful and thoughtful too by Himalaya. It not only caught my attention but my affection as well.

 I started with various foreign brands after going through several reviews but now I only use Himalaya for my baby's needs. They have a wide range of baby items and I find the products very good for my kid. They are herbals, safe, gentle and also have mild and pleasant fragrances that enhance the charms of my girl. Here is the link for complete catalog of their products. I wish Himalaya great success and hope many such endeavors at other airports, railway stations, bus stands and such public places.

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