Saturday, January 11, 2014

Movies my choice

Here's a list of some movies that are not blockbusters or very famous but still surprised me with their creativity. So, if you are not finding a good movie to watch this weekend then have a look here. I have provided their IMDB links:

INK- (2009)
The first time we started this movie, we closed it within 15 minutes of watching thinking it as boring art stuff being a low budget movie. Next time we just went ahead as we had nothing to watch on a weekend and the only thing which was in our mind after it finished was-"Who gets such amazing ideas!"  Sad, it never got released in theaters.

Don't go by the ratings, Ink deserves maximum.

Genre: Fantasy

MOON- (2009)

Moon proved that a good movie does not need tankful of money and lavish sets nor a big name actor. The storyline, acting and the direction simply bowl over anyone. No doubt, it inspired the-not-so-good Tom cruise starrer Oblivion.  

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama


I never liked Keira Knightley but I promise, watch this movie till the end and you'll love her. It 
Genre: Romance

is not a regular cheesy romcom. It conveys a deeper meaning very lightly yet strongly. 


Jake Gyllenhaal's acting, good storyline and the suspense-action made adrenaline rush while watching this movie. After finishing such movie a you just look at each other face and smile in amazement. 

Genre: Thriller, Action, Sci-fi

MY SASSY GIRL-(2001)- (go for original, Korean version)

Hilarious to the core and emotional in the end, this movie will certainly bring smile along with tears on your face.  Go for the original Korean with subtitles. The Korean dialogues make it even more interesting to watch.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

EASY A -(2010)

After watching Easy A we were sure what kind of relationship we want to have with our daughter and what kind of personality we dream for her to become. Not a regular high school comedy, Easy A is full entertainment package.

Genre: Comedy

UP- (2009)

If you like animation you will like this but if you don't then wait. 
Up is not a regular animation movie. It has a beautiful love story- the nothing special yet special.

 Genre: Adventure, Drama


 Movies like 'up' and 'how to train your dragon' shows why animation is just not for kids and why it is a genre and a class apart.

Genre: Adventure, comedy

Do you know any such original, not so famous but extraordinary movie? Let me know. I will watch, enjoy and add to this list..


  1. Nice list Roohi, If you have liked Source Code you might also like In-time, Here is my list of 'soulful' movies:

    Hereafter, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of our fathers, Gran Torino and The Blind Side

    Watch them if u can.

    1. Thanks Uday for your list.. I have watched In-time and Gran Torino and liked both :) Will definitely watch the rest :)


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