Thursday, May 11, 2017

Would you like to learn how to stop time?

Summers are going on and this summer is very special to me for many reasons. But as I think more about it, I realize that every moment has been and should have been special to me. Then why I say 'this' summer is special? Am I confusing you? I know. You have all rights to be confused. Because, I am talking to you from a space that is very different. I am writing this from a space that can be seen as stillness.

I am trying to stop time. Actually, I have stopped time for sometime :) Have you ever done that? Well of course, we do that more often than we are actually aware of it but have you done that consciously, in full awareness?

I am doing that. I am doing that since past many weeks. It gives an amazing feeling. Believe me, it brings a sort of calmness. It gives a state of joy.


Well, for one I am keeping myself disenchanted from social media. yeah, that one thing that is essential for the writer in me especially as a blogger but seriously, I have never been into regular blogging. My inconsistency in posting blogs is proof of that :P So yes, my smartphonehas given up being smart (Yes, the smartphone - the instrument in bringing noise of social media in our lives) as it is free from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I still have Whatsapp but I rarely bother about who is messaging what. It is possible from the space where I am these days. Yup, "the stillness".

Secondly, I have consciously decided to stop, do nothing except smell the roses in my lives (I do have two blooming buds, literally!) That means, my whole world these days is about the moments. If I am smiling, I am smiling. If I am sulking, well, that is it, I am sulking. If I am getting mad then HELLO WORLD I AM MAD RIGHT NOW. Are you getting it? The beauty of it? I am totally honest with myself in being myself these days. How wonderfully crazy is that!

There have been moments when I could feel like I am water. Transparent, tasteless, odorless yet having an important identity. I am necessary for the survival of someone. Why would I want to get bother about anything in the world then? Why would I invite any kind of altercations or drama or falsehood? I am in love with reality. Why would I go for some illusion or artificiality?

So why do I post today then?

Truly speaking, I don't need to. Believe me, I was not even planning to and this post as you might sense it, it is just random. But then another aspect of detachment from everything artificial surrounding us is the acceptance. I am detached yet I accept the artificial.

So, once in a while when I open my laptop and on that once in a while I open Facebook, particularly, I see the pattern. Well, I can see the pattern from the space I have already told you about. So I see the pattern lot clearly as I scroll down my timeline. That everybody is trying to make a point. Every second person is a writer, an actor, a photographer, an entrepreneur and what not. Every one has strong opinions. Every one is sure of one self. We are so much in love with ourselves on social media. It is extending to our real life and vice versa.

It is a good thing to explore our creative side and social media has given us opportunities but down the line aren't some of us becoming opportunists? I can see the pattern also because I have been blogging now for 10 years. Yeah, yeah it's my 10th year and I thought of you know, planning extensively, celebrating it in a big, attention-seeking way on Facebook and everywhere but now, I have no inclination for that. It is just another blog and I am just another blogger. We all are special in our own way and so there is nothing so special about it. Hence, coming back to my point, I am a blogger since a long time now and all these years, I know all kind of ways how I can grab opportunities that can get me my two minute fame (at least) and money. But one thing I tell you, succumbing to it is not worth it! (That's why the title of this blog is always Soulful) It might satisfy my ego but the true joy comes only when someone from a crowd tells me how related one feel while reading what I write. I feel the purpose of my blog is complete and I want nothing more from it.

If you want to taste this stillness then listen to me and try to stop. Try to understand the rush, the madness, the fight to show the world that you are different. Because search in your heart and then answer me - Are we really that different?

Or are we just lost somewhere to appease our ego. In this rush maybe, we have become too busy to cherish the simplicity of our lives, our relationships. Maybe we are taking things too seriously and taking people too much for granted. Maybe those trendy designer clothes that we so fashionably show off are not adding anything great to our own souls. Maybe the smiles that are on our faces during those selfies or planned photoshoots are not really reaching our own eyes. Maybe those videos that we are busy creating that bring tears or smiles are not reaching our own hearts. Maybe those contests, those contracts, those targets bringing us closer to being successful but not happiness.

Maybe our creative side has become just a matter of business and has lost its real purpose - to bring out the better person in us.

Maybe our old jobs were better, when we worked hard for a salary and loved our families and friends not for the sake of some burgeoning friend-list or likes or comments but because we belong to each other.

Maybe it is time we calculate the pros and cons of running after opportunities before we loose ourselves.

Maybe it is time we find a space where we can stay still and.. and smell the roses in our life.

Summers are going on and these are very special summers for me and so I tell you once again.. it is plainly beautiful to just stop and run after nothing :)

* * *

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