Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pawns in a Game

Lot many of my friends know me as an introvert and yet there are few good ones (ahm ahm the lucky ones) who know me in quite the opposite way. But in my limited interaction with people, I have always realized

We all are basically good, 
Somewhere we all are bad, 
We just yearn for an ear,
That listen to us 

Without being judgmental, 
The absence of which makes us mad. 

Somewhere, somehow we all are same, 

We all are coming from one, 
Dispersed and distanced from each other, 
Being played like pawns 
In a complex maze. 

It is my effort,

It is my aim,
To reach out to you and discover, 
The part of you, 
The part of me,

That joins and complete 

This great puzzle.
Because somewhere, somehow,
We all are same, a part of one,
Mere pawns in a game..

* * *

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