Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sometimes our deluded minds.. - FPFS 1

Delusion (Oil Pastels)

Sometimes we err, not because of intentions
                                     but our lack of attention.

Sometimes we lose love, not because of hurt,
                                             but our lack of effort.
Sometimes we face distance, not because of norm
                                             but our lack of warmth.
Sometimes we fight, not because of outburst
                                             but our lack of trust.

Just feeble is the difference,
Between the truth and the perception.

How lovely life could have been,
If we could feel the reality unseen.

It breaks my heart to see the troubles,
On the faces of people who struggle.

who curse the providence or fate,
while happiness at some distance awaits.

I wish I could tell them to stop,
to fly high and see their world from top.

Patches of greens can be found in desert,
joys and sorrows can't be measured.

But there is no power in the Universe,
to save anyone from thoughts adverse.

For Sometimes we get lost in storm, not created by sands
                                                              but by our own hands..
                                                                                 our own, very own hands..

After a long time I have attempted an Art work. Reason being the artist block I was suffering from more than an year (same as writer's block :)). But thanks to this challenge I have taken, I am trying to see what is left in me! This is my first try in oil pastels medium. The biggest challenge I faced was not the art idea, not my first attempt in Oil pastels, but how to keep my beautiful packet of colors safe from my daughter's reach :P. As she slept, I quietly finished this piece so please forgive me if you find this work an absolute nonsense. I love it, because I guess it is first time I have done something 100% original - a creation of my own thoughts :) Please visit my art gallery at Brushstrokes to see my earlier work. 

My blogger friends Kokila and Vishal had challenged me for FPFS Challenge in April - Post a picture for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it, fiction, poem or short write-up or anything to suit your taste. But as usual, my other priorities and the self-resolve to do 100% justice to a challenge by making it an opportunity for self-improvement had prevented me to attempt it until now. I apologize to these two wonderful writers for this delay (and if anyone else who nominated me but I failed to notice!). Starting with the challenge for five post I will post pictures of art created by me (new) and some prose or poetry explaining the idea/philosophy behind it. The second requirement of tagging someone new for each post, I am skipping as I believe almost all of the blogging world who are interested in such challenges are already done with it :D but yes, if anyone wishes to take it up still, please DM me and I will be happy to nominate him/her.

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  1. beautiful lines Roohi :)

  2. First four lines say all about human relationships!

    1. I tried explaining how complex we humans are really..

  3. Keep up the work and say the artist block good bye

    1. Hehehehe... truly speaking it never was an artist block.. just a sleepy mind :)

  4. The highs and lows of our relationships are our own creation. What a beautiful way to say that!
    Good that you are out of the artists and have started painting the screen. :-).

    1. Yes.. m full of ideas these days, Somali. Just need to get out of my comfort zone to do the real work..

  5. wow thats awesome...the painting and the beautiful poem Roohi....whenever I read you I find a pure beautiful soul....happy I know you!

    1. Thanks for giving me your attention, Shweta. I am glad to come to know you too..:)

  6. Storms by our own hands....yes we are the ones who destroy what we have always dreamt....Beautiful and really soulful...

    1. So many storms I have created for myself, Datta. And I know will do that again unknowingly or unintentionally..


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