Thursday, June 25, 2015

The chains of your love..- FPFS2

Chains of your love- Done in Oil pastels

I want to break free,
From the chains of your love..
For sometimes it makes me greedy
They tell me from heavens above..

You make me feel beautiful
For you reveal the true color of my heart
You know how pure it is
And tell me our story is just a start

But the world can't see it
It throws on me its selfish stones
They make me fight, yes my dear
Transforming my heart as hard as bones

I struggle to be what I am with you
And cry to not become what I am not
The love I have discovered in me
through you, but they bring it to naught

Please tell them, not to disturb me
For I find peace in our own world
The fire in me does not reach my arms
Only oceans of warmth they unfurl

I can't play their games
I don't have those spirits to win
There is no race that makes me happy
Only the truth in your eyes bring me to grin

You make me proud 
That something eternal I possess
It binds me from withering away
From the world that to me is like a mess

And so I want to break free
From the chains of your love
As I no longer want to be greedy
Just want to reach the heavens above..
To see what lies for me in the heavens above....
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After a long time I have attempted an Art work. Reason being the artist block I was suffering from more than an year (same as writer's block :)). But thanks to this challenge I have taken, I am trying to see what is left in me! These are my first try in oil pastels medium. The biggest challenge I faced was not the art ideas, not my first attempts in Oil pastels, but how to keep my beautiful packet of colors safe from my 2.5 yr old daughter's reach :P. As she sleeps, I quietly finish my pieces so please forgive me if you find this work an absolute nonsense. I love them, because I guess it is first time I am doing something 100% original - a creation of my own thoughts :) Please visit my art gallery at Brushstrokes to see my earlier work. 

My blogger friends Kokila and Vishal had challenged me for FPFS Challenge in April - Post a picture for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it, fiction, poem or short write-up or anything to suit your taste. But as usual, my other priorities and the self-resolve to do 100% justice to a challenge by making it an opportunity for self-improvement had prevented me to attempt it until now. I apologize to these two wonderful writers for this delay (and if anyone else who nominated me but I failed to notice!). Starting with the challenge for five post I will post pictures of art created by me (new) and some prose or poetry explaining the idea/philosophy behind it. The second requirement of tagging someone new for each post, I am skipping as I believe almost all of the blogging world who are interested in such challenges are already done with it :D but yes, if anyone wishes to take it up still, please DM me and I will be happy to nominate him/her.

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  1. its a beautiful creation both the painting and the words. its painful to be in a relation where you don't belong!

    1. Thank you shweta.. We don't belong here, and our attachments sometimes acts like chains of love binding us from attaining our ultimate freedom from the cycle of births..

  2. Beautifully described the essence. Love is a river. Relationship abrupt its flow and convert it into a pound. Love is freedom.

    1. "Love is freedom", yet our clouded minds bind us in the lieu of love..

  3. Beautifully put Roohi, the dichotomy of being in love that is not acceptable to the world.

  4. I loved both the painting and the poem. The angst and pathos reflected in the poem was really touching.

    1. Thanks for visiting Purba and appreciating my work :)

  5. Loved the painting, Roohi... you are so talented...the poem is as beautiful as the creation.... :-)

    1. I am just a learner, Mani in the school of life :)

  6. Do it more often, this is beautiful.....That is what I have to say.. :)

    Please do check my post at:



    1. Thanks for encouraging me UK baba ji :) Hopping straight to your blog post :P

  7. Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful. This is my style of poetry and I so loved the way you have written it.

    First time here, but I will be coming back for more :)

  8. Soulful lines and a heart felt drawing, loved both of them. Love at times binds but liberates too

  9. This is a lovely poem. To be free in love. A nice perspective.

    I have nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge at Emotions Xpressed


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