Thursday, December 11, 2014

The boy I met at the station

I am writing this post after a long gap as I am traveling. Though I have connectivity issues but this is important as I received a reminder for the last day for a noble initiative by Blogadda- One Blog post one smile.

Indian railways never appeals me esp. delhi railways stations. They are very crowded with people staring from every where. But what mostly saddens me is the economical disparity. The truth is if you want to see real India then don't go to airports, or shopping malls or the IT parks - visit the railway stations and there you will find the real picture.

As I was waiting for my train lost in these thoughts along with Pihu who was having some Lays chips much to my chagrin, a filthly dressed boy was roaming nearby. I noticed the boy and  wondered what purpose he has. Shabbily dressed he looked like a lost soul. Does he have any family? Is he a thief? Does he belong to some gang? He must be 11 or is he 13? What will he become when he will grow to be a man? A criminal? Will he survive that long?

Suddenly, Pihu threw her packet away in her playful manner breaking my thought process. I must tell you I am not prepared for handling these toddlers, they are volcano of energy ready to erupt every now and then. I was about to pick the packet and throw in bin keeping the resolve to do my bit in making my  bharat's ugly stations swachch. But then I thought against it and called that boy who has sat there by that time. I offered him those chips and he picked the pack and without thanking or saying anything ate the whole. I don't know whether I did him any favor or not but I could feel the difference of have and have not.

I run after Pihu so that she gets fed properly for which she gives me real hard time. So, I offer her different food items, buy her fancy stuffs because I can afford all that. Not that it is a sin to be well-to-do but poverty sickens me especially when it affects kids and looking at one makes me ashamed sometimes. I wish we could have a world of equality, where food is not a commodity but freely available resource. I am glad there are initiatives like 'Akshay Patra' that work for this goal. What a noble cause to feed a child while imparting education.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

PS: I have written this recent incident of my life for Blogadda and if a blog-post can feed a child then I am apologetic that I wrote only one at last moment. I wish to contribute more in future in helping the needy kids.

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