Saturday, August 2, 2014

#WhattheBlack unveiled!!

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Finally, the curtains are up. The veil is unveiled. And the #WhatheBlack mystery is solved. What a wacky innovative marketing campaign it was #WhatTheBlack.

I had fun blogging, guessing, tweeting and waiting for the clues. Alas, #BangaloreBandh on 31st and delay from the courier on 1st delayed my clues - but so what there was enough flutter going on in twitterati & fb to keep me hooked. I had even gone to the extent of doing an whois lookup on the domain, but given that it was privacy protected did not reveal much. But many a fellow bloggers who received items on time did figure it out! Here was my final clue:

Yes, a black paper cup and a tissue paper turned charcoal black. All the items, Black egg, black newspaper and black tea cup hinted at one common thing- Morning. and what is the one activity that refreshes us - Yup, brushing the teeth :)

The product is a new toothbrush from Colgate, of course Black in color, with Micro Slim-Tip bristles with charcoal infused leading to better, deeper cleaning and removal of plaque bacteria. I am yet to try it, but I guess it will be worth the hoopla for its marketing!

The whole idea of #WhatTheBlack has been intriguing. Both marketing & internet shopping has come of its age and has finally arrived in Indian scene. Never before people have waited for the courier guy so eagerly every day, day after the day. And the fact that this promotion happened first on internet tells a lot about the power of bits and bytes flowing through the huge mish-mash of web, world wide.

Here is the first look of the Charcoal toothbrush (it has a modest white variant without Charcoal too).

See #WhatTheBlack for more details.

This contest led to many things, including making me go on a blog marathon, tweet flood and making me wait for the last clue nervously on my birthday apart from gifts I was expecting. And now, I am just hoping I will be among the top 10 bloggers to spread the word for an innovative product.


  1. Thanks for sharing the awesome information indeed.. keep penning down........

  2. Roohi you kept us all hooked into it even though we had no participation. I followed all your other posts in this regard...My heart felt wishes for your name to on the top 10 bloggers.

    1. Thanks Vidhya for following the contest updates and your wishes.. Hope I kept you involved enough :)

  3. this truly was the most fun thing blogadda did.

  4. Did you mean the World Wide Web?


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