Sunday, July 21, 2013


I wrote this poem after a long interval. Its another romantic rendition dedicated to my wonderful husband 8 months after the birth of our first child. This is my reflection on the emotional changes in me on becoming a mother and how my love for him has increased beyond anything measurable.

"I wanted to see the world...
I aspired to reach the sky...
I dreamed to be at apex..
before I can say Goodbye!!

Then you happened to me..
and I realized what world means ...
what it meant by the word 'sky'...

when you treated me as your queen!!

As now I have token of your love..
in the angelic form of our daughter..
my world is around you two..
My days filled with genuine smile and laughter!!

So whenever you see me sitting quiet..
and my eyes looking at distance..
My love!! Don't mistake it that I am sad..
I am just lost in love by your enchants!!"


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