Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nina's Casio - Short Story

Nina is fond of her mother and is angry from her father until one day she finds every one around her ready to hurt Nina except her father. Read on to know more about the cute incident with 6 yr old Nina.

"I want a Casio", Nina asked her mother in the toys shop one day. Nina was a lovely and mischievous girl. She was her momma's child and would go to her father rarely. She believed her cute mother to be an Angel and was always afraid of her serious looking father. "You can play your brother's Casio.. lets have a Barbie", replied her mother. "No I have many dolls. And brother scolds me if I touch his casio. I want my own casio", she said. "Nina, that is very expensive thing dear and you are just 6.. ", told her mother. "No I want Casio momma", said Nina, now crying loudly. "papa papa please buy me a Casio", she started with her father.  "NO", her papa shouted after her consistent bickerings. I hate papa, he doesn't love me. He loves only brother. That whole night Nina cried in the darkness of the night till sleep overcame her innocent emotions.
   A few Days later Nina fell ill with fever. "How much is the temperature?", asked Nina's father from her mother."Its 101 F. It was 100 F in the morning and its second day", she replied sounding tensed. "Hmm lets take her to the doctor", declared her father.
"Momma I want to lie down", Nina said feeling weak outside doctor's clinic. "Come dear sit on my lap till we get to meet the doctor", and her mother took Nina on her lap. "Hello doctor, look at her she is growing so weak and her temperature is not coming down", her papa told the Doctor. "Show me your tongue, little girl", he asked. "Aaaaaaaaaa", Nina sounded like a calf while showing her tongue . "Ok, I am pressing your stomach. Does it pains here?", she giggled feeling the tickle, "Here?", doctor repeated. "Heehehehehe no", she replied. "Hmmm come... This looks like viral. Here are some medicines, and I want some blood tests on her to get confirmed", concluded the doctor while scribbling something on paper. "Your writing is so bad", Nina said in a weak voice. Everyone laughed.
"Don't worry dear.You are my brave girl. You'll get this done easily", consoled her mother on their way to get the blood-test done. "Yes momma", Nina told her bravely the first time they took her for Blood test. That evening the report came: Viral Negative.

 "You are a brave girl so we can go another time for test, yes Nina?", confirmed her mother the next time they had to go for the test. "yes momma", said Nina proudly. Report said: Malaria Negative.
"Fever still not down. Maybe this is Typhoid. Lets get another test I have prescribed", said the doctor after checkup.
"I am not going this time, momma. Our doctor knows nothing. I am tired of blood tests", Nina said the third time she was taken for test. "No dear this is nothing. You know when I fell ill they took blood from my arm from a big syringe. Are you not a brave child like me? And if you don't listen who knows maybe they will take blood from your arm too next time because they are confused about your illness? So only one last time", her mother explained. "Blood from big syringe!! Ok momma I'll go one last time. But please tell them to take blood from different finger else I'll get a big hole getting pricked in the same finger again and again".
"Doctor, please take blood from her second finger", Nina's mother asked the lady doctor in the laboratory while her father stood at the door. He is so afraid of injections. But I am brave like momma, Nina thought still angry from her father since the casio incident.  "No, this time it is from arm", the doctor replied. (arm... Arm.... ARM...... AAARMMMMMM!! - a bell rung in Nina's mind) "Momma, no momma you told me this is the last time and that too from finger. No momma let's go", her mother was standing quietly looking at the doctor and avoiding Nina. They prepared the syringe. It appeared like a sword to Nina ready to cut through her. "No momma you lied to me. You are not good." They came towards her. Nina ran like a deer - first left crying "no,no" - then right. Her mother tried to hold her. But she ran everywhere. She saw her father standing with his eyes closed like a small child. "Papa, papa, papa save me", she called him finding him as the only person not trying to catch her. "Lets leave it", her father begged to her mother, unable to stand the fear in his naughty daughter. But too late. One pitiless assistant caught her. Another came and held her left hand, a third one came and held her right hand and "PAPAAAAAAAAAAAA", Nina shouted as a big syringe sucked blood from her tiny arms. "(Sob sob sob) momma you are not good (sob sob)... papa,  momma is not good. She knew already so she was telling me her story (sob sob)", Nina was in her father's lap now .

  "Look what papa has brought for you", her mother said giving Nina a box that evening. Her father was standing besides her smiling at Nina with love. "A small pink PIANO. Wow. I love you papa. You are very good", Nina said wiping her tears and forgetting her anger over him. "You get well soon now and I'll get you a Casio too dear", said her father kissing her. And Nina resolved to be both Momma-Papa child from that day on.

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