Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eternal Heavens

A poem, a song by romantic heart passionately in love :)

I was afraid to fall into it...

oh how afraid I was

but I was desperate to get into this
don't knw why
but guess this happens with everyone.

I thought this is just for one day or two
and then I met you...

You took me to eternal heavens
that seems to have no ends
And I am still lying there
wondering if this happens with everyone

And somedays it occurs to me
Is this a dream or real?
with you not around I often say
Is this going to stay?

I think this is just for one day or two
and then I meet you

You take me to eternal heavens
that just have no ends
And i prefer lying there
wondering this cannot happen with everyone

I am not sure how life is going to be
bed full of roses or thorns..
but through the joys I share with you
I feel oh! so strong.

I know this is not for one day or two
as I have you

You show me eternal heavens
that simply never ends
And I love to be there
wish if this can happen to everyone

* * *

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