Friday, January 25, 2019

Main jahan rahoon.... on 26th Jan

One year ago we moved for the first time to another country. Moved from our country of origin to a completely foreign location. My wandering soul as always embraced this as an opportunity to traverse new lands n skies, converse with new different people, soak in diverse cultures.
Where I have changed so many cities and states, how different changing a country can be! What else attracted me was that we would make our abode the same city where Tolkien once resided and perhaps got his inspiration from its surroundings to write about the shires that in turn inspired me to lead a quiet life. We Beautiful land, beautiful people, even beautiful weather.

But tell you what, I love my country more now. And family, well, sometimes I get pangs of heart aches while missing them.

My nomadic soul who can’t stay at one place for long but still always found home in her love for loved ones, who no matter wherever I go never stopped investing in her relations, is sometimes showing signs of weariness. I have always maintained how travel helps one to grow personally in all aspects but traveling far make you realise where your heart truly lies. I have found new friends, got acquainted with a different culture but also realised nothing else can bring peace and comfort to our heart than our own people. Love your parents and siblings, forgive and forget heartaches, keep working on yourself and your family. That is the best investment for a good  life! #soulful

And country. Well, my country is always in my heart and my prayers..

Happy Republic day!

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