Thursday, April 30, 2015

Future of Travel and Fashion in the app-only world & what it means for the consumers

Today's silicon era is dominated by one overwhelming trend. Engineers have been busy packing more power per square nano/pico inch of that micro-processor. Thus our note-books have given way to net-books and now it is the time of world domination by smart-phones. The mind-set that your mobile is still a communication device and may be a small gaming console is now being shattered by extremely smart apps on mobiles.

My mobile is smaller and much cheaper than my first notebook, yet is more powerful. So much so that I have written blog posts from my little genie!

Yet all this power of the device and smartness of phone is useless unless there are apps to leverage the best of software and hardware and create an immersive app for the consumers. That exactly is the order of the day where every day you can see developers getting more creative designing and developing beautiful apps. 

If you are not already convinced by the awesomeness of the app-world, let me tell you a small story. Not so long ago, Raj & Simran (names changed) married and were in the "ever-after" land. After their baby turned one, their old itch to visit the places of the world resurfaced and they decided to plan a trip to God's own country - Kerala. From their city in the far far way land of north India, it was a quite an epic journey. And full of unexpected twists and turns just like their love story. 

First their flight got delayed. Then when they reached their destination, after waiting for their luggage on the conveyor belt for more than 30 minutes they realized that their baggage had not arrived with them. Simran was already anxious as it was late and stranded in a city where they did not speak the language nor had any clothes to change and no accessories with them they landed in a real tight spot. Simran was in tears as usual. "Maine kaha tha na, saaman kho gaya, dekho, maine kaha tha na." (I had told you, see our luggage is lost, I had told you...) she went on. "How will we arrange baby stuff? Where will we get clothes and baby's food?" And then the final jolt - the hotel they were supposed to be in was overbooked and had no room!

But when has Raj deterred in front of difficulties? Being the hero he is, he took out his smartphone from his armor and first launched an app which connected him to the travel agent. They immediately realized their mistake and arranged for an even better hotel for them instantly. He then used the airlines app to report delayed baggage and also contacted his travel insurance via insurance app to file the delayed luggage claim. He then used another app to call the taxi to reach the new hotel in a jiff.

Raj also assured Simran that if they still didn't get the luggage, he'll make sure that he'll get some really nice stuff through online shopping at reasonable prices and in no time as he had taken the one day delivery plan from an e-tailer site. This news was music to her ears and she loved him all the more for his smartness. Her worries to figure out the how to arrange stuff like diapers, baby toiletries, clothes and so on were all taken care of with Raj's smart shopping app with one day delivery promise. She was not required to step out of the comfort of her room and even before their delayed luggage arrived next day - they got the delivery of the items they ordered previous night. What more a young impulsive shopper-mother can ask - shopping, an amazing trip, some more shopping, and having fun in a luxurious hotel with the baby & the beloved in the beautiful and exquisite locales of Kerela. 

Naturally, Simran called Raj, "You are my hero!" And our Raj, slyly thanked the apps and his smartphone for saving yet another day! He remembered how they had left their laptops back at home to avoid lugging heavy devices and had bet on their smart-phones. And he smiled with a wide grin, knowing his decision was right! He thanked his "pops" (father) in his mind for introducing them to the world of Apps :)

I hope now you believe in me when I say no wonder smart phones and Apps are the game-changer in the world of today where nobody has patience to wait. Today there is so much talent brimming all around, propelled by the advent of smart apps bring the world of knowledge at their finger tips. No more people are just content with a a 9-5 job, rather, everyone is discovering his/her hidden purpose powered by his smartphone and the plethora of apps. You can see a father waiting for his kiddo outside school happily creating musical notes on an App, or a girl bored while working in office checking on Myntra App to buy a chic dress for an office event, or a geek busy cracking that mind blowing puzzle to keep engage his grey cells.  

With the shutting down of websites like Myntra, to have a unique and super star presence in the Mobile app world, it's a revolution of our time. It is the first bold instance of an online e-tailer to go completely mobile-only and that tells that there is a lot to look forward in future in the genre of Mobile Apps that gives a more connected feel to the consumers with the brand especially when the consumer is on the go.

Being a fashion-conscious style crazy woman, now I can shop and satiate my fashion desires anytime from anywhere. No more breaking feet from one shop to another, from one mall to another and no more carrying those hefty laptops anywhere or those anxious wait for page loading while browsing websites. Already I was in awe of the possibilities online shopping has to offer and now I am watching out with bated breath for the amazing transformation of Myntra from a website to a totally Mobile first entity. How about you? Keep watching this space for more..
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  1. interesting :-)

  2. I love apps and an app for clothing and shopping, what else we women want? You are right, in our busy routine we can make the best use of it.

    I will download it on my iPad.

  3. But I still find it convenient to use the web. May be it is too early for Mytra to ditch the website and be app only


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