Thursday, June 24, 2010

The salesboy

It's an old poem from my kitty. The lines are a commentary on the materialistic v/s the realistic world.

"Lets go and buy some shoes
as I am bored of our collection
They have no shine left in them"
I told my husband with dejection.

He was happy to take me to shopping
So we got ready to look our best
Trendy clothes, sparkling car, peppy music 
That's how we started from our nest

We reached a showroom and searched all over
When he came to solve the puzzle
He picked so many fine pieces
and saved us from all the struggle

"Let me try this and you should try that",
I was making all kinds of choices
when my eyes suddenly noticed his feet
his torn shoes and their stitches

I looked up to see his face again
Oh! He was no more than ten
"My father is sick so I am here"
said he "To earn a few good cents"

I din't like any thing for myself
and I was ashamed of my collection
just bought him some shoes and books
and sought for my soul some redemption.....

* * *

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