Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cricket, Hockey and Holidays

Sometimes life is so beautiful that u can't stop urself saying 'iam loving it'....sitting on p.c..listening romantics by kishore and jst simply typing..its nothing bt simply great...sometimes simplicity has so charms of its own that can make one smile continuously...

Patriotism is one feeling that makes the adrenaline rushing...i remember when i was child and have made the tricolor on I-Day..i was pained to see so many flags dumped here n there while returning frm school nd i kept my flag safely in my drawer nt to be lost later...thats the way i feel about..being patriotic means respecting the people of LAND...and thats hw one can go on loving the whole Humanity...and finally respect the supreme....

after so many years..i enjoyed the cricket yesterday...with family..watching our countrymen thundering and showering..enjoying coffee..cheering..shouting..laughing..thats called enjoying the life..independence..few days before we watched 'chak de'...hats off to shahrukh for his brilliant delivery..gr8 performance even better than 'Swades'..i think he is an all time best in his field without doubt..n the way Hockey has taken its place in our hearts its only due to that film otherwise the gr8 game which was born here was somewhere lost...hope it'll inspire the country to do good in the field of sports where it lags behing making our hearts ache...

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  1. The madness of "Chak De" title track is such that now its slowly been accepted as an anthem for sports like Hockey & Cricket. Not only tht even movies like RDB & Lage Raho Munnabhai have created a mesmerizing effect on the audience instilling & revitalizing the patriotic feeling within masses.

  2. You know the more i am reading about u,the more i m getting the feeling that u are awesome.

    I rspect ur reading and writing qualities.

    I never came across such a a person in my life who reads ramcharitmanas and geeta.

    I mean WoW. I cud never think of that a girl of today like u wud read these books.
    I need to meet u dear.
    I'll def meet u one day. I have sent u a friends request. Accept it.

    So hats off to u again mam.

    Thats all i can say.


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