Saturday, January 13, 2007


Following the heights of passion
When the world suddenly crashes down
before you could guess anything..
when there is darkness all around

All your Dreams when withers away
and turn into nightmares instead
just hold yourself tight together..
and keep the flames of hope hot red

For nothing can stop the man
Who believe in himself
In the days dark and horrible..
As fallen in the depth of a well

The world leaves the one who is weak
mocks on the face when time sleeps
Just keep clutching the robe of hope..
For hope only can make the time go

Hope can never die
it should not die..
never let it die..
as then it would mean
that you have died..
so the last thing on earth
that must not happen
is that you have lost hope
and have completely fallen...
so try try and try
and hope that someday you will win...
that this world will be on your feet
And your face can't stop to grin..

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