Friday, September 5, 2014

Karma and Fate

Corporate world or any world as I see closely can be very harsh with ego clashes among people to win the rat race. Hope these lines written by Piyush and me will show some way through the maze.

When someone tries to boggle you down
smile and giggle and take him as a clown.
When someone races and push you hard
let him go ahead, while you take a stand guard.

When someone tries to cross your path
and make credits even for your part.
Do not fret and bear any grudge
for destiny give its own clever nudge.

Wish everyone with blessings and love
Forgive the devil, embrace the dove.
Pity those who do things wrong 
as they dig their own grave all along.

And who are we to judge error or right
whose robe has no stain and all white?
For there is nothing which goes unseen
Howsoever sublime may be the sheen

Fruits of actions has strange ways
Failures can be rejoicing days
Successes it can make hollow
It is our heart, that we must follow

The circle of life leaves no one satiate
Law of karma decides everyone's fate.
Love as "life is long in grudge and sorrow
But very small in each tomorrow..
O, so very small in each tomorrow..."

                                                         - RuhiPiyush